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LCLC at Community Connect LCLC represented at Community Connect, Saturday, January 30, 2010
Three Cups of Tea Special thanks to Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, and Stones Into Schools, for being the inspiration behind LCLC’s beginnings, and for showing that one person can make a difference.

Adult Tutor Training

Livingston County Literacy Coalition (LCLC) announces a new training to train adults to tutor adults here in Livingston County.  I am Lois Halsted, Hartland Rotarian, retired Reading Master teacher, and one of the trainers for (LCLC).  To become an LCLC adult tutor, one must attend all 12 hours and receive a certificate for that time spent. 


April 4 and 5,  and   April 11 and 12

6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. each night

There is NO COST to those taking the course

 To be held at:

Village Manor Retirement of Hartland

 9501 Highland Rd., (M59), Howell

LCLC is a group established by Rotary Clubs, Libraries, and other interested persons  in Livingston County with the mission to "ensure that every person in Livingston County who wants to read, can."  Our purpose is threefold:  Assess literacy needs in Livingston County, assess literacy resources in Livingston County, and establish, support, and encourage literacy programs to fill the gaps of needs.

At this time our focus is on helping Livingston County Adults who are struggling with their reading due to "falling between the cracks" during their time in school, or after being out of school for years.  Requests for help have come from students enrolling in Lansing Community College, those who are in the Livingston County jail, or friends and family members of concerned county people.  We do not tutor ESL (English as a Second Language) adults at this time.  Upon completion, you would be given the opportunity to tutor an adult from Livingston County one day/week for 1 hour and half.  We only tutor in public places and the tutor makes the connection with the student via phone.

I would appreciate a RSVP so that I may coordinate materials for your training and reserve a space for you.
Thank you for your consideration in this endeavor. 

Lois Halsted, 517.552.1195
LCLC Tutor Trainer

Livingston County Statistics

Livingston County Literacy Survey Assessment

A steering committee has been surveying county leaders, organization representatives, and concerned individuals.  Your input is important, and additional information is needed to build a list of resources and needs.   Results of the surveys, thus far, are summarized here:

1.  Literacy Needs in County:

            Surveys said the needs were for early childhood, family literacy, migrants, seniors, school children and adults that slipped through the cracks of education.

2.  Where can People go for Literacy help?

            Libraries was the most common answer; also Area Agency on Aging, classroom teachers, reading specialists, 211, mentors through LCCMS; LACASA has a book of resources.  Free resources, rather than for-profit remedial organizations seemed to be first thoughts.

3.  How do People find out about Resources in County?

            211, county offices, libraries, counseling offices

4.  Who else should we be talking to about literacy issues in LC?

            High schools, community colleges, medical profession, Michigan Works, Adult Ed.

5.  How would a Literacy Coalition help?

            Most survey results agreed that a coalition could help pinpoint available services, resources, and expertise.  The Coalition could keep a list of tutors for those needing reading help, and coordinate with libraries and through 211 services.



Literacy Facts:

* 832 million illiterate adults in the world

* 2/3 are women.

* 1 in 5 adults in U.S. have difficulty reading.

* 1 in 4 read above 4thgrade level

* Every $1 spent in early literacy intervention prevents $17 in remediation costs

* Projected incomes/education:  college -  $52,200

                                                    high school -      $27,500

                                                   non-high school -   $19,400

* 9% Livingston County adults – Level 1 reading

* MI – 32ndof 50 states in % students reading above 4thgrade reading level

* 43% of adults at Level 1 in poverty (National)

* 90% welfare recipients high school dropouts

* 85% juveniles (in courts) functionally illiterate

* 60% prison inmates functionally illiterate

* $73 billion/year in direct health care costs due to low literacy

* Voting:  the more education = the more people vote

• Children who read books or are read to outside of school increase their ability to